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Hooking by the Sea Retreats Experience
If you want an afternoon with a hands on experience then Hooking by the Sea Retreats Experience is for you! We raise Cotswolds, IceLandic they are heritage breed of sheep and they reside right here at the Brier Wood Farm. The wool from these sheep is what I use to teach how you prepare it for spinning it and hooking. Come experience an encounter with Victoria, as she can help you understand why it was important to have sheep wool for many things, not just hooking a rug! You will have hands on with all of the processing and you will come away with a deeper appreciation for the work that our ancestors had to do and why it was done that way!

You will experience time at a Unesco Biosphere Destination as we believe in preserving the history, as it is very important to who and what we are as a farm. Our farm dates back to 1820 it was the first School house on Brier Island, then used as a dairy farm and then as a sheep farm, so in reality we have not strayed from our past. Victoria will help you understand what it was like many years ago while you spend half a day with her. You will be doing exactly what our anchestors did years ago with perparing our wool, it is hands on! We also raise our own meatbirds, turkeys, meat rabbits for food, laying hens for our eggs, goats for milk for cheese, everyone will get a chance to have a walk about on the farm while you are here. This will be half a day spent on the farm doing your experience and you will have a craft to take home with you! 48hrs cancellation.

Pricing for this Experience is:
Adults - $50 per person
Children under 12 - $25